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Checking For App Updates Enabling Automatic Updates Prioritizing Updates (i OS 10)Community Q&A Apps for your i Pad are updated often, and installing the latest versions gives you access to the most features and the best performance.

You can download updates for your installed apps through the App Store.

Online System Professional educators are able to apply for and update their North Carolina licenses online.

Instructions and more information are available within the online licensure system. Keeping records of renewal credit Teachers earning National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification or completing the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification process receive 8 renewal credits.

JSON API requires use of the JSON API media type () for exchanging data.

As you shop the job market, make your resume stand out by using the tips (and the accompanying downloadable template) below. What you want is a balance -- a smooth, clear look that's got just enough panache to stand out.

JSON API is designed to minimize both the number of requests and the amount of data transmitted between clients and servers.

This efficiency is achieved without compromising readability, flexibility, or discoverability.

Adding a small pop of color is an easy way to spice things up without jarring the reader, says Dana Leavy-Detrick, owner of Brooklyn Resume Studio. Times New Roman is dated and boring, she says, but “a clean, sleek font gives a more tightened-up presentation.”“The top one-third of your resume is what a recruiter or hiring manager scans to determine if they will read the rest …

and they only give it three seconds,” says career coach Jennifer Braganza.