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IMac with 10.7.3 and Seagate Go Hlex 2TB external drive.The Seagate is now asking the question "Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required".A system partition will contain the hardware-related files.You can identify which partition is a boot partition or a system partition, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, using the Disk Management wizard: To do so, follow these steps: You can create a new partition on your PC if you have unallocated space disk available on the hard disk. But, I did check my internal boot drive titled SJR-Apps and don't find the partitions you are referring to.

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Install all the updates on that side, and then you should be free to use the normal Windows installation tool to update your version of Windows to Windows 10.

If you're trying to upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows, you'll have to wipe the entire partition—in other words, kiss your data goodbye.

One is the one where the partition information is stored and how to access the drive (duh).

But the System really includes another two areas for data on the drive.