Updating a view sql server

ID = 1' where t1id=1 Is there an easy equivalent to Materialized view in SQL Server?How to create an indexed view using dynamic SQL How do I find out the last time a view was used?Conversely a View can be based on a single table but still not be updatable (e.g.When modifying data through a view (that is, using INSERT or UPDATE statements) certain limitations exist depending upon the type of view.If you forget this in the future, you can always right click on the view in SQL Server Management Studio and select 'Modify' this will give you the current query, with the correct syntax for altering it.

We need to make use of "Instead of Triggers" in those scenarios. The View can be updated if based on multiple tables as long as the update only affects one table.The view is a portion of data from the underlying tables.Provided that you have permissions, you can do the same data manipulation in views that you can do to a table directly.Views that access multiple tables can only modify one of the tables in the view.Views that use functions, specify DISTINCT, or utilize the GROUP BY clause may not be updated.