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These are: (1) Satánico Pandemonium (Mexico, 1975) (2) The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine (Italy, 1974) (3) Images from a Convent (Italy, 1979) (4) Convent of Sinners (Italy, 1986) Watch at your own peril and recite 12 Hail Marys afterwards.

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Valentine while at the same time, sending men to hunt down Esteban and, of course, siccing the Inquisition on him. Wounded in a swordfight, Esteban hides out in the convent while he recovers.

For those of non-Catholic backgrounds, this defrocked sub-genre may not have the same fetish-y allure of the taboo, but everyone can understand the titillation of profaning the sacred and despoiling the supposedly pure. Here, he's most clearly riffing on Ken Russell's controversial 1971 film The Devils, which may not have sparked the whole nunsploitation genre, but certainly fanned the flames. Valentine, Grieco injects the usual sisters-amok business with a star-crossed lovers tale, a la Romeo & Juliet, set in 16th century Spain.

Our hero, Esteban (Paolo Malco)with a goofy pageboy haircutis introduced fleeing from soldiers of the Inquisition, having been unjustly marked as a heretic and murderer, for reasons we'll eventually understand.

This was a very good movie with a good plot, like Flavia the Heritic.

In order to be reunited with her true love, a young woman forced to live in a convent must resist seduction by her lesbian cellmate, endure the deranged tortures of the Inquisition, and escape from a madhouse within the convent walls.