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How do you help your scientists make useful new connections and learn about potentially helpful new techniques? It’s much more fun to collect data on all of your conference delegates and use scientific clustering methods and network building algorithms to pair up the scientists in attendance based on their keenest interests. Who works with what (‘known methods’, see figure 1)?So, with much credit in particular to Federico Vaggi (a member of the Csikász-Nagy lab) and his prodigious last minute programming skills, that is what they did. And, who would like to work with what in the future (‘wanted methods’)?Fritz-Gerald Morisseau of Elite Speed Dating and Frank Kermit, from franktalks.com, are regular contributors on Passion - Dating Dilemmas with Dr. Frank a Dating Coach and author of the book The Frank Guide To Speed Dating, recently wrote a piece about Speed Dating on Valentine's day. This week is when everyone who is single is reminded of how great it could be to find that special person to connect with. The 5 Elite Fundamentals will increase your chances to have fun, interesting dates in order to maximize your opportunities in finding the right person for you.We agree with his views and wanted to share his comments with you. KNOW WHO YOU ARE It might sound obvious, but requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. Your idea of a good night might be a good book or a movie with a warm tea.Ok, so this is probably the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when planning a conference, and after nearly seven years at the University of Cambridge, that’s really saying something.So, along with the free-for-all Cell Polarity conference (see previous post) at the Royal Society that the lab co-organised, we were also invited to organise a much smaller discussion session meeting at Chicheley Hall, a beautiful country house owned by the Royal Society.The first few women caught me off-guard, and I was yet to discern the judging etiquette.Each person was assigned a number; one then had to tick a sheet with either ‘yes’ ‘no’ or ‘friends’.

We arrived inebriated at the venue, a decrepit basement bar in Soho. The women, embroiled in the novelty of it all, lingered in groups.

Each point represents a person and the connecting lines show that they already have an academic connection.

Once you have all your data and a pretty way to look at it you need a set of rules for pairing people up for their dates (This is basically the same thing that happens on most dating websites when they suggest matches for you).

Students make notes on first impressions of the cover, the inside jacket blurb, and possibly even the first paragraph or two.

The timer buzzes signaling students to move to another table and start the process with another book.