Sienna miller is dating

star already has a new piece of British arm candy, 25-year-old actor Tom Sturridge, better known as Robert Pattinson's best friend.

If you remember, there were some rumors a while that Tom was moving in on Robert's girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, so Tom and Sienna's recent pairing should make the Their relationship seems to be going strong.)Anyway, Sienna is currently starring in a West End play in London, and she and Tom have reportedly had lots of cute coffee and dinner dates together.

He was also rumored to dating Rihanna and Kirsten Dunst.

Sienna’s personal life before meeting Hartnett was quite intense.

to link up with Sienna after she’d spent the night partying with their mutual pal Bradley Cooper and Noel Gallagher in the VIP Park backstage bar,” said the insider.After the festival, they were seen heading back to their private  Winnebago arm-in-arm." data-reactid="8"Last week, Pitt and Miller were spotted at a late-night party in Worthy Farm. Pitt is definitely not dating  Elle Mac Pherson. The rumored couple reportedly held hands and were affectionate towards each other. Pitt was reportedly spotted with  Mac Pherson on a “steamy date,” but they denied the allegations, saying it was “absolutely not true.”" data-reactid="11"Aside from Miller, Pitt has also had his name linked to another celebrity, but recent reports claimed that Pitt is definitely not dating Elle Mac Pherson. She dated Balthazar Getty from June till November this year for whose sake she broke up with Reese Evans.She called it quits with Evans because he was just as much of a despot and tyrant as her former boyfriend Jude Law was.