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“Additionally, consumers appear to be equating genetic modification, artificial and unhealthy as one and the same, and those consumers are likely to turn away from product labels with unfamiliar ingredients or ingredients perceived as chemically complex or unnatural.”Recently, Kellogg and General Mills both made noise in the industry by declaring they would eliminate artificial ingredients over the next few years.

"Men are starting to get more and more knowledgeable about beauty and are paying attention to their looks: haircare is the biggest category, with shaving coming second." However, she does allow that: "Women still play a very important role in that market.

A very big percentage of women are still buying men's grooming lines as gifts, or on behalf of partners." I wonder if there's still some kind of social stigma to a man paying too much attention to his looks – is there still the notion that a "real" man wouldn't wear moisturiser?

Research company Mintel, which released the figures as part of its annual report into the UK coffee market, said that while instant coffee still dominates sales, the market has been in decline for some time.

According to fresh Mintel data, Chinese ice cream sales increased 90% between 20 to US.4bn - eclipsing US sales, which increased 15% in the same period to US.2bn.