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At the start of the Games, there was talk of a supply of 50,000 condoms, which works out to about five per athlete.)In any case ... The shields were emblazoned with the colorful Olympic rings, apparently a mood enhancer (or a cool souvenir). Which either means that style counts, or doesn't count at all."There's a lot of sex going on," javelin thrower Breaux Greer told Men's Journal. In 1996, Atlanta's organizers pushed five-packs, with one 'prophy' in each official Olympic color. The ancient Olympics, like the current Games, were a tremendous, highly-anticipated spectacle, and a huge party as well. She is the daughter of Melvyn Tom and his wife Kristine. Logan must have got her dad’s genes that inspired her to become professional athlete.She was raised single handedly by her mother alongside her brother named Landon. During her college years, she was involved with basketball and track team. Later, she joined Stanford University and majored in International relations.

But maybe Durex expects Greece to be less, umm, exciting -- 130K works out to only 12 condoms per competitor.(We think someone did some bad division in one newspaper article about Sydney, and that number just appeared everywhere, unchecked. Should you start an office pool on the re-supply date? The first major effort at condom giveaways was at the Barcelona Games in 1992, and it was a huge success.

After Jackie and Lee stepped in to repair the home, he reluctantly paid the back property taxes on the property.

He had three children with his wife, Katherine: Bouvier, Jr., Nicholas, and Christopher. Karl Marx had it right about religion, according to Pops.

She more than likely meant Bradford or Fabian Bachrach, who were photographing at the family studio at the time. Buddy played an active role in trying to persuade the Beale women to leave Grey Gardens.

Bachrach is one of the most respected photography studios in America, with a long list of important clients. As such, Edie claimed that it was Buddy that arranged for the Village of East Hampton to raid the home.