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Active X controls are small apps that let websites provide content, like videos, games, and let you interact with content like toolbars.

Unfortunately, because many Active X controls aren’t automatically updated, they can become outdated as new versions are released.

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The exclude small sources feature works by excluding sources in the source list that are below a set word count or percentage threshold.

For example, if the threshold is set to 3%, any 1% or 2% match would be removed from the current report's source list (Match Overview or All Sources).

You can use either the Visual or the Text view to compose your posts.

This option runs the Active X control without updating or fixing the problem.

All submissions by students are made to assignments in a Turnitin class. Students are only able to submit once the start date and time has passed.

Assignments for a given class are created, displayed, and modified from the class homepage. To reach the class homepage, you must firstly access the main homepage by clicking the tab from the top of any page 2. If you are a grade book user, you may also enter an option point value. By setting a point value, this allows the grade to be set by rubrics (if used) and be sent to the grade book 7. After the due date and time, students will be blocked from submitting papers, unless late submissions are enabled 7a.

When IE blocks an outdated Active X control, you’ll see a notification bar similar to this, depending on your version of IE: Internet Explorer 9 through Internet Explorer 11 Windows Internet Explorer 8 Out-of-date Active X control blocking also gives you a security warning that tells you if a webpage tries to launch specific outdated apps, outside of IE: From the notification about the outdated Active X control, you can go to the control’s website to download its latest version.

To get the updated Active X control Security Note: If you don’t fully trust a site, you shouldn’t allow it to load an outdated Active X control.