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I had a pretty normal childhood compared to him so I have to do my homework when I'm preparing for some of his interactions with his past. It's difficult but I know the result will be a more interesting character.

--------------------------------------------- Q: Hey Graham..wanted to start off by saying you rock in the role of Ty!

The 30 year old BC born actor has been involved in film and television from the age of six.

Growing up on commercial sets for toys like Micro Machines and Nerf, he has always had an eye on creating works of his own.

Graham has completed three years of film school at Capilano University's Motion Picture and Production Program and is currently loving working on Heartland.

With a huge passion for stories and mythology, Graham studies the works of Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell regularly.

After his graduation in 2007, he subsequently started his film career from "In the Land of Women".

I watched Season 4 of Heartland I am going to be 80 yrs old but would like to know is I can buy season 5 as Netflex is not showing it I love watching the Series have watched since Nefflex started showing're the coolest! I like Mellorie because it is just cooked up a very commanding!

Mellorie is changing and the plague in person x D no, that was fun!

He was nominated for an LEO Award for his role in the episodes "Summer's End" and "The Starting Gate" twice in 20.

After achieving great success, he became co-founder of a Movie Production and Entertainment Company, Lone Maverick.