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So with that being said, let’s jump straight into it.

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And while you don’t have to answer the questions to start matching, you do have to account for the usual basics, including your age, what you’re looking for, and some less usual information... as my profile picture, but I realized that if I was going to score a date, I’d have to keep it real.

The dating site is serious business stating, "Traditional Internet dating sites don't understand the passion people have for all things Disney. The site notes you can search for your fellow , the concept was thought up by Disney fan Dave Tavres.

Tavres told the mag, "I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am." Fair enough! That being said, can someone make a dating site for Olive Garden enthusiasts, please?

All in all, on average, it’s a pretty good bargain, if you do it right.

But did you know that there are actually tips, tricks, and secrets in which can help you maximize you Disney Dining plan, essentially allowing you to eat up to 33% more than what you paid for? Below, you’ll find some of my best, most helpful Disney Dining plan tips, tricks, and secrets to help you save money and better, fill up your belly with plenty of good eats.