Dating smith and wesson revolvers

Just before Iver died in 1895, his company began to produce a new revolver that the late engineer had perfected late in life known as the Safety Automatic.

Now let’s clear the air real quick: the Iver Johnson Safety Automatic neither has a manual safety, nor is it automatic. Its a double-action top break revolver similar in layout to the Smith and Wesson hinge frames of the 1860s era.

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More likely than not, you will see a stylized owl staring back at you from the black plastic.In 1957 Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 19 Combat Magnum at the behest of Border Patrolman Bill Jordan.Law-enforcement types flocked to the Model 19 like deer to a corn feeder, resulting in the nickname a “police officer’s dream gun.” It was the size and weight of most .38 Special revolvers, yet had the capacity to handle the powerful .357 Magnum that many officers preferred because of its superior stopping power and penetration. Click for more info S&W, Combat Masterpiece, mdl 18-4, .22LR, 4" barrel, made in 1977, 100% condition, like new, manufactured 1977, all original. Retaining considerable blue with some storage issues on the remainder of the finish. Click for more info Here is a Smith & Wesson Model K-22 Woodsman in caliber .22 Long Rifle. Click for more info .22 rimfire, 6" barrel, finished blue with checkered walnut grips.