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She has 3 children: Simone, 15, and twin boys Marco and Mateo, 9.

She is engaged to photojournalist and Fred's Revolucion's el comandante jefe, Jose Enrique Soriano. Get good nannies and helpers — and by “good” I mean those who are coachable and reliable. Spend wisely, save as much as you can; even if you've already fallen in love and are about to share your and your children's lives with a new partner.

but are they worth doing for a couple times and are they an easy laid what does everyone thing and why is there so many do they not use birth control? Well, I think their religion has a huge impact on why the don't use it.

I know that at least for Roman Catholics (one of the major Catholic religions), it is banned by the Chruch, thus they don't use them.

There is huge gap in what Filipinos believe versus what they really practice, plastic, hypocrite, judgmental and self-guilt inducing behavior due to the “I am a born sinner” faith of Catholicism/Christianity.53% children born out of wed lock and add to this many more broken marriages and separated couple who are not producing kids but in the past had legitimate children, the number of single mother might stretch to 70%, just saying, this is not a scientific extrapolation, so do not quote it..

PS: “Illegitimate children”, is not my term, it is a legal term defined in Philippines law for the children born out of wedlock.

In NCR 63% children born in 2015 were illegitimate.

They do tend to be easier, however, if they are hot, they may be more picky.

If they are not good looking and are single moms, then they are usually easy.

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