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He was a major antagonist in the first part of Season One. He was born in 1839 and lived in the colonial town of Mystic Falls with his brother Stefan and his father, Giuseppe Salvatore. At the time of his return to Mystic Falls, Damon and Stefan hadn't seen each other in fifteen years due to their bitter, violent relationship. Damon Salvatore was a hero, a vampire, and one of the male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries.Damon is the oldest child born to Conte Di Giuseppe Salvatore and Contessa Maria Antonietta Salvatore. Damon is over 500 years old, his history dating back to the fifteenth century Italian Renaissance.He is sexy, sleek and dangerous, and is the complete opposite of his compassionate, sweet and empathetic younger brother Stefan.On Twitter and such, I see stuff about Elena and Damon. On Twitter and such, I see stuff about Elena and Damon. My email address is [email protected]:) well Damon and Elena have been getting closer and closer but a recent interview with the directors show that Something big will happen and Damon is going to hold back on his feelings towards Elena for the rest of Season 3.Julia said that it has something to do with what Stefan says that causes Damon to think about his actions. you can email be and if you decide to I'll give you my email there.

" [laughs] I had no idea what he sounded like as a happy character. You don’t start dating Mick Jagger and suddenly hope he becomes this other person. I think episode one is a good balance of him being loving towards Elena without giving up who he is. It just seems to me that as a human, Damon was so sweet and romantic and gentlemanly (and kind of shy around the women it seemed) that it might be what happened. Humm, I highly doubt Damon was a virgin, his father said that he was depraved so I don't think he was innocent, and he slept with Katherine first, so apparently he wasn't wasting any time.

And now when he finally have it he has gone to the other side. he's very sexy, hot, bad boy - but cool, funny, have a eagle eyes, gentle, like innocent but really care, mysterious, and more bad and cool thing he have!

But as soon as he gets back he will run into her arms because they are meant to be... for god sake, marry me damonnnnnnnnnn Damon is everything what a girl can wish : Hot, goodlooking, smart, funny, gentle, caring but at the same time badboy, mysterious,seductive, has a dark side = perfect combination ;) Ps: Ian has the most beautiful baby blue eyes in the world! Damon is the most complex, deep and complicated character ever (and Ian portrays that perfectly)!

Damon is the former flame of Katherine Von Swartszchild, his ex-vampire girlfriend, and the woman who turned him.

Damon was born into a wealthy, rich and noble family in Florence, Italy, where he met Katherine. He generally doesn't care about Stefan, but there are some times in the series that prove that he does in fact love and care about the younger Salvatore deep down, despite constantly saying he loathes and hates him.

Damon salvatore and elena dating in real life