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On-set romance is such a thing that at this point it’s really just a cliché.So and so meets so and so in a remote setting, they’re vulnerable and trapped together for six weeks in the Tennessee hills/Africa/the tundra/a small city that is probably in Canada, sparks fly, and soon trailer “card games” begin and an adorably-passionate fling occurs and usually the whole thing is over in time to make for an awkward press junket.But then there are those rare on-set relationships that create long-term famous couples who we love and want to look at all of the time.On occasion, the kind of duos who change the notion of famous people forever (Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) and therefore change our idea of the movie/TV show/commercial/play where they originally appeared together ().Shaggy and Scooby were funny, Velma was smart and usually very helpful, Daphne was pretty, and Freddy was...a big blob of blah. Besides, I'm more interested in the reasoning behind Hanna-Barbara phasing those two characters out.

She has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate which sends her in a frenzy.If you’ve seen any photos of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher recently, you know that they’re essentially the cutest couple ever to meet onscreen and watching them together IRL makes watching them on reruns of , a movie thats only redeeming quality may be Topher Grace’s attempt to look cool on the theatrical release poster.2) Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor As it turns out, Christine Taylor wasn’t acting when her character fell in love with the ditzy but lovable Derek Zoolander.According to this, Nicole Jaffe (Velma) left H-B in 1973, though she returned to the role for four videos.Her TV role was taken over by Patricia Stevens, who evidently left the busines in 1984.